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The magazine aims to publish the most respectable (prestigious) scientific researches and articles in the field of palms with different types and varieties, whether date palm, oil palm, ornamental palm, wax palm ... etc. through the chapters and arbitrators specialized in all the fields concerning the palms from Arab counters and the world. In order to develop the care and awareness of the palms and protection and increase the use of its outputs, whether direct or indirect to improve and develop it.

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2023, Pages 1-83 

Endogenous Hormones and Amino Acids Contents Influence Somatic Embryogenic Potential of Phoenix dactylifera L.

Pages 21-42

Amal F.M. Zein El Din; Yasmin M. R. Abdellatif; Hemmat A. Ibrahim; Mona M. Hassan; W. B. Abdelaal; Ezz Eldin G. Gadalla; Mina S. F. Samaan; Ibrahim A. Ibrahim